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At Kaipara Kids Early Learning centre we believe in an environment where children can be themselves, explore freely, have their thoughts/ideas/interests responded to, and have quality resources and equipment to extend their play. We aim to provide a thoughtful and beautiful place where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Our philosophy

We believe the early childhood years are the moulding years, critical to a child’s future development.

The healthy all-round development of our children is fostered in a warm, happy, supportive, safe and caring environment. We believe in providing an unhurried and stress free place where children have the freedom and safety to make choices, take risks, and freely explore their environment.

Using the early childhood curriculum Te Whariki, our well qualified educators plan for groups as well as individual children, and all children have access to activities and experiences that are appropriate for their age and stage of development.

Older children are given the opportunity to visit our local school regularly and to build a relationship with staff, children and the school environment. This helps to create a positive and smooth transition on to primary school.

We believe that the abilities to communicate and socialise are essential skills for children to develop. We promote appropriate social behaviour and provide children with a range of resources, choices and responsive educators who role model positive pro-social behaviour. We see ourselves working in partnership with family/whanau and our local community, working hard to build positive relationships and co-construct a quality service where everyone is welcomed.


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